The Moore County Chamber believes a dynamic economy is developed when all sectors of a community work together. In addition, we believe that actively voting is the most effective way to let your voice be heard. Stay informed, get to know candidates locally, at the state level and federal level and when you wish, take the time to share your views.

Complimenting the Chamber’s Strategic Plan, the Moore County Chamber prepares and adopts a Public Policy Agenda that supports legislative action that promotes the voice of business. This 2023-2024 Agenda highlights four key areas of legislative initiatives:

• Economic Development
• Healthcare
• Education and Talent Supply
• Transportation and Infrastructure

2023-2024 Public Policy Agenda


Elected Officials:

For up to date information and election results, please visit https://www.ncsbe.gov/results-data/election-results


Workforce Development:

Some local business owners emphasize lifestyle amenities or geographic location. Others highlight the workforce and training resources or the wide range of versatile locations. They all seem to agree on the bottom line: More County is truly an advantageous business location. Its is a place were businesses can grow and succeed.  We hope these resources will help provide you the necessary tools to help your new business or to grow your business.

Moore County Economic Development Partnership

For more resources on how to start a small business – please click here.