Moore County Leadership Institute (MCLI) is designed to support, grow & develop local business men & women into key leaders within Moore County. Application and enrollment for the 2021/2022 MCLI Class is now open. More information on applying for this exclusive leadership development program can be found below.

Click here for the 2021/2022 MCLI Application & Program Outline

MCLI benefits both you and the community. The knowledge and understanding gained from the
training program will prepare individuals for leadership roles in both their organizations and the
community. Because of the MCLI program, graduates are more knowledgeable and are better
equipped to make key decisions affecting their own organizations, the community and

During the MCLI program, participants will gain many leadership qualities. In addition, you will
be able to look at your own community with new perspective. Areas of leadership focus will
include, but are not limited to, self-awareness, empathy, vision, passion, balance, volunteerism,
and community leadership.

Fall Class Schedule 2021 – 2022
August 4-5th – Retreat
September 8th – North Moore
October 13th – County Services
November 10th – Economic Development/Tourism

January 12th – Non – Profit
February 9th – Municipalities
March 9th – Ft. Bragg Day
April 6th – Ropes Course/Team Building
May 11th – Ag/Industry
June 8th – Project Presentations & Graduation

Winter Class Schedule 2022
January 26-27th – Retreat
February 16th – North Moore
March 16th – County Services
April 6th – Ropes Course/Team Building
May 11th – Ag/Industry
June 15th – Economic Development/Tourism
August 10th – Non – Profit
September 14th – Municipalities
October 19th – Ft. Bragg Day
November 16th – Project Presentations & Graduation

There is an attendance policy & graduation requirements, for questions please call (910) 692-3926.  The application fee of $25 and application can be sent to Jana Volitis, Director of Operations by June 15, 2021 at 5:00PM for consideration into the program. 

Contact the Moore County Chamber of Commerce today for more information about upcoming MCLI course dates and information.