Public Policy Agenda

Enhance the business climate and quality of life in Moore County

The Moore County Chamber of Commerce is a respected and trusted resource organization that influences, informs and educates on behalf of the business community.  To effectively compete, Moore County needs to have a strong infrastructure in place.    It is imperative that we continue to maintain and preserve our quality of life that makes Moore County so unique.   To achieve these goals, the Governmental Affairs Division along with input from the Chamber membership has identified and developed the following Public Policy Agenda to help enhance the business climate in Moore County.  Primary areas of focus for the 2013-2014 Agenda include Economic Development, Education, Energy and Environment, Health Care, and Infrastructure.

Maintaining this quality of life is a shared responsibility and requires the cooperation of all levels of our governmental bodies.  Through this agenda it is believed our communities will continue to develop a thriving economic environment and enhanced quality of life for all in Moore County. 

Economic Development

Moore County must continue to create a competitive business environment.  Overall, tax reform, workforce development, entrepreneurship and other key issues must be addressed to encourage expanded economic development opportunities for MooreCounty.    To help to accomplish this thriving economic environment the state must modernize its tax code creating a competitive position and increased certainty for the business community.  There needs to be strong efforts to create sustainable workforce development training and an entrepreneurship environment.  Further reforms need to be developed to our higher education system in workforce development and prepare our students for future success.  Developing a highly skilled and well educated population is integral to increased job opportunities and security with dynamic companies doing business in Moore County.  In addition, the Moore Forward initiative should continue to be supported to ensure those with an entrepreneurial spirit can actively pursue their business dreams.  Finally, there must be comprehensive reform of the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund to create solvency for the future, greater accountability for employer taxes funding the unemployment insurance system, checks and balances to ensure system efficiency and greater emphasis on reemployment through workforce development enhancements. 


Moore County needs to support initiatives that will transform the current education system.  We must adopt the mentality as a community that we will refuse to fail.  We need to support initiatives that create strong partnerships with all of our schools to ensure that every child has access to a quality education and a productive future.  In doing so students will be educated in a “k thru life” environment providing them access to state of the art schools with a rigorous curriculum that includes technical and college course work.  In addition, an environment where students have access to technology and public/private partnerships must be fostered.  These goals can be accomplished by advocating for appropriate and adequate funding for education and facilities as well as workforce development programs for the non-traditional students.  Now is the time to work together on a commitment to the success of every student. 

Energy and Environment

In today’s global economy, business investment is largely driven by how timely a project can be permitted, built and in operation. Continuing to strengthen the energy infrastructure is important to the economy.  Further, expansion of the infrastructure and exploration of domestic energy sources will create much needed jobs.  Since North America is projected to become a major global producer of energy in the future, the Moore County Chamber supports initiatives to fully realize the potential benefits of domestic energy production to spur job creation in our state while implementing protective measures and tough standards that safeguard our environment and quality of life.  In order to ensure there is an adequate water supply for many generations to come, new water sources for Moore County must be tapped and existing water supplies and watershed must be protected.  Environmental laws and regulations need to be feasible and equitable with standards that are outcome based and not processed driven.

Health Care

Health care costs continue to have a large impact on business profitability and the ability to create jobs.  The Moore County Chamber aims to keep business at the table during the development, implementation and administration of the Health Benefit Exchange for individuals and small businesses.  In addition we will actively support wellness and access issues that affect our community development.  This includes, but is not limited to, availability of healthy foods, exercise, recreation and healthcare access. 


High quality transportation infrastructure is critical to moving the people, goods and ideas that keep the state and local economy strong and enhance our quality of life in Moore County.  In addition ensuring access to utilities such as water, sewer, mobile phone, and broadband for the next 50-75 years are critical to the continued economic viability of Moore County.  In addition the educational facilities throughout the county must be upgraded, with maintenance and operations adequately funded.  Policy makers must make infrastructure financing a top priority. Creating long-term solutions to meet the transportation, utility and educational infrastructure needs and resolve funding challenges must be addressed.